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Healthcare Professionals

For patients taking blood thinners, patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, drug allergies, food allergies, memory impairment, pacemaker/defibrillator or other implant, seizures, etc. — Consider recommending a medical ID bracelet or necklace. Universal acceptance makes wearing a medical ID alert an excellent form of preventative medicine.

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Get a Re-Supply of Medical ID Order Forms
Order a small “take one” display. Tell us where and to whom to send them. These are available at no charge and will be sent via Priority mail.

Discounts for Large Group Purchases
If ordering for a group of 50 or more you may qualify for special pricing. Tell us about your situation and we will contact you.

Link to Our Web Site
Let your Web site visitors connect directly to the American Medical ID Web site where they can shop for and purchase a medical identification to wear every day. For more information, please see our Affiliate Page.

Join Our Mailing List
Receive a regular supply of American Medical ID order forms and other useful tools. Send us your name and mailing address.

Upcoming Health Fair? Let Us Help!
We’ll send a tabletop order form display along with gift certificates for a complimentary medical ID bracelet or necklace. These make excellent giveaways or premiums for raffles, etc. Tell us where to send the materials along with the nature and date of the event.

Medical IDs for Veterans
Medical IDs are suggested for veterans who have chronic conditions including diabetes, food or drug allergies, heart conditions, PTSD, dementia, or suffer from injuries including embedded metal fragments. Learn More about this government approved program.

Comments or Suggestions
We welcome your input. Please contact us anytime by e-mail, Info@AmericanMedical-ID.com or by phone, 1.800.363.5985, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Central.


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